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Welcome to the Arkansas Outdoor Skills Network; your one-stop resource for programs offered by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and a network of partners who support hunting, fishing, wildlife, outdoor recreation, land management, conservation leadership, and more! Thank you for your interest in discovering a program that helps you connect with our natural resources and the outdoors.

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Event types and descriptions are merely guidelines to help you choose what is best for you -- they are not prerequisites.

Beginner: Attend a Basic course or class. Skill awareness and knowledge imparted. Potentially may get to actively participate in the skill. Participation is with an instructor or mentor. Mostly classroom style instruction.

Intermediate: Opportunity for active participation in the skill. Experience may be under guided instruction or mentorship. Individual pursuit of skill development is encouraged. Student may or may not have outdoor gear for this skill.

Advanced: Outdoor Skill is developing with advanced techniques. Active use of the skill is pursued. Minimal mentoring. Engagement with the outdoor community that uses this skill is cultivated. Student has basic outdoor gear to use for this skill.

Expert: Outdoor skill techniques are perfected. Seeks advanced or new experiences within that skill. Is actively involved with the outdoor community. Has obtained the gear that is needed for the skill.

Mentor: Outdoor skill is perfected. Actively involved in the outdoor community. Seeks to instruct or mentor others. Actively invites others to join in this skill. Plans outdoor skill opportunities.

Educator/Instructor/Coach/Volunteer: Professional development workshop, training, or instructor certifications for educators, instructors, coaches and volunteers.

Note Some events will require that registrants have taken a Hunter Education or Boater Education course. Event registration for youth 13 and under require adult permission.

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