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Arizona has extensive opportunities and destinations to go fishing, from a local pond to a remote mountain stream, but many don’t know where to get started. The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s FishAZ Network brings all these opportunities in one place offering instructional and educational events, hands-on beginner fishing events, and other fishing based on your skill level and interest.

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Our fishing courses are conducted in a safe environment and are designed for the beginning to intermediate skill level, but anyone at any skill level can take advantage of the program offerings. Our program is all inclusive, and strives to provide a quality experience to all. Our goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through spending time outdoors, promoting physical activity, making memories together, learning about wildlife conservation and highlighting the health benefits of consuming locally-harvested fish.

Did you know?

  • There are more than 800 species in the state of Arizona - more than any other inland state.
  • Arizona Game and Fish Department, charged with the management of the state's wildlife, receives no state tax revenue. It is through a user-pay (licenses) public-benefit model that funds wildlife management and conservation in Arizona and much of the United States.
  • Learn more about fishing, stockings, fishing reports, water levels, regulations and more at

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Event types and descriptions are merely guidelines to help you choose what is best for you -- they are not prerequisites.

Introductory - Non-live fishing events, classroom, lessons, demonstrations, practice, equipment, casting practice, types of knots and tackle setups, species info, biology, habitats, etc.

  • Examples for reference only: Casting training / demos in the lawn, equipment types and uses, baits and tackle, hands-on habitat projects, webinars, etc.

Beginner - Beginner fishing events, equipment provided, basic reel and tackle combos, instruction, catching fish, cleaning fish, cooking fish, locally area waters, other outdoor recreation activities.

  • Examples for reference only: Public fishing event, kids fishing day, fishing festival, free fishing day, fishing derby, etc.

Developing - Progressive fishing using your equipment, streams, rivers and lakes near local areas, advanced tackle, lures and casting, where to fish, when and why, different fish species and approaches, cleaning / filleting fish, cooking as well as catch and release techniques and ethics.

  • Examples for reference only: In the field fishing event travel might be required, lake campout or day trip fishing, work / habitat project fishing event combination.

Intermediate - Mountain water fishing, advanced casting, equipment and tackle, more challenging / rarer fish species, use of watercraft (boats, kayaks, canoes, float tubes) trolling, specialty baits and lures.

  • Examples for reference only: Float tube fishing, kayak fishing trips, destination fishing, overnight campout fishing events.

Experienced - Remote fishing location, unique / rare destinations, specialty species, challenges, tournaments, using electronics, watercraft, advanced fishing experiences.

  • Examples for reference only: Backpack fly-fishing trip, destination hike in fishing, fishing tournaments, Trout Challenge trip, Native fish Challenge trip.

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