Virginia Boating Safety Education Challenge Exam


If you are an experienced boater and have a good working knowledge of the navigation rules and Virginia boating laws, you may opt to take an 80-question challenge exam.

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These challenge exams will be scheduled throughout Virginia. You will have a maximum of 3 hours to complete the exam. The exam is closed book and no reference material is allowed in the examination room. The Virginia Watercraft Owner's Guide and other boating materials, such as Chapman's, are suggested as study material.


You must register at least three (3) days prior to the exam date. Walk-ins will not be allowed to take the exam. Exam proctors will only have enough exams on hand for those who have registered in advance.

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If you need special classroom accommodation, or have special needs, or do not see a class in your area, please contact the boating education coordinator for your region.

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